Breaking new ground in Smart TV technology

Branding, CMS, Development

Founded in 1923, TUI (formerly Thomson) is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world – with a global presence of over 1,800 travel agencies, 300 hotels and resorts, and 6 airlines with 130 aircraft.

The company approached us with the desire to experiment with new technologies that could help enhance customers, employees and investors perceptions of TUI as a forward thinking brand.

Implementing new technologies to provide real value

One of the key challenges that we discussed with TUI, was that holidays are inherently an intangible product. They aren’t something you can touch or see. Thus, we knew that when it came to selling holidays and strengthening the client’s brand, we needed to be creative in how we ‘bring holidays to life’. 

We began exploring how we could deliver educational and inspirational content directly to people in the comfort of their own home. By spotting an opportunity to be the first travel and leisure company to be available on Apple TV, we proposed to TUI to create a Smart TV app with exclusive content.

Rapid prototyping and user testing

Our approach for this project was to create a truly collaborative relationship with TUI’s content team. We wanted to empower employees to be part of an exciting environment focused on collaboration and organisational wide innovation.

Taking influence from tech giants and startups, we implemented a process of rapid prototyping – spending just five days from original scoping through to execution and one-on-one customer testing. This approach enabled us to gather valuable information on the user experience with minimal financial investment from the client. From the feedback provided we were able to built a fully functional version of the app within in 19 days.


In the top 200 apps on Apple TV


Global travel provider to be on the Apple TV App Store