3 Ways To Be More Efficient With Email Automation

3 Ways To Be More Efficient With Email Automation

Email automation is a highly effective tactic that marketers can embed into their business to help influence and convert potential leads and re-engage previous customers.

For most companies, newsletters are the cornerstone to their email marketing strategy. However, with tools like HubSpot, marketers can quickly build out their messaging and create multi-layered email workflows. By setting these up to be triggered by a user’s actions, businesses can ensure that the content an individual receives is timely, personal and hyper-relevant. In theory, this will lead to an improved open and click through rate.

Here’s a few tip to get you started with email automation:   

1. Set-up automatic responses if a users fills out a form

Does your website have any forms or downloadable content? If so, then email automation is a must. By setting up auto-response emails on forms, your business can instantly follow-up with potential leads who’ve actively engaged with your brand. 

This is an opportunity to upsell more content and drive leads further along the buyers journey.

2. Introduce drip marketing to your strategy

Drip marketing is a communication strategy that relies on sending a set of pre-written emails to a prospect or customer over a period of time. Communications in drip marketing follow a pre-determined workflow, with users able to take different routes based upon their actions.

Drip emails have, on average, an 80% higher open rate and 300% greater click through rate than single sends.

3. Continuously test and optimise

A/B testing is vital to ensuring you can reach your maximum potential with email automation. By experimenting with the content of your emails and the structure of your workflows, you are able to gradually optimise your strategy

Go beyond subject lines and use of imagery. Try different offers and incentives to see which is most effective at engaging your leads and eventually converting them into customers.

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