App of the Month #5: Drinki

App of the Month #5: Drinki

According to CGA and AlixPartners, the number of licensed venues in Britain stayed level across last year. This is despite increasing cost pressures and a drop in market confidence due to the country’s decision to leave the European Union. Vital to the success of the market has been continuing consumer demand. With ‘going out’ remaining popular amongst working Millennials, the City of London’s bar and restaurant trade has been booming since last year.

However, with an average pint costing Londoners £4.20, it can quickly become very expensive to enjoy a few drinks out. But what if there was a way to make going out more affordable? In fact, what if you could decrease the cost of a drink by 100%?

Enter Drinki, the latest bar discovery smartphone app, and it comes with a twist. By using the app, you are entitled to a free drink every night in some of the capital’s best bars. They’ve partnered with venues all across London, providing you with a list of nearby bars that offer Drinki users one free drink. It’s the perfect way to discover new local favourites, enjoy a round with your friends or make a date slightly cheaper.

Similar to other London event apps like Dojo and Fever, Drinki provides a very simple user experience, with a strong emphasis on newness and localisation. In fact, the app’s location targeting is one of its strongest attributes. Research from Skyhook Wirelessfound that utilising new location-based UX technology can result in a 2x lift in average session length and increase daily active users by 57%. By ensuring that users instantly see the best deals closest to them, Drinki streamline the consumer journey and limit the risk of people switching off.

We spoke to Sophie Abrahamovitch, Co-Founder of Drinki, to gain a better understanding of the company’s aims and objectives.

Q1. What was the inspiration behind the development of Drinki?

Having worked in the bar industry, I’ve always known that it’s hard for venues to make a name for themselves with little to no marketing budget. London is seriously expensive and there’s never been one good core platform for finding interesting places to go out here. That was the initial idea, and then the global trends towards experiential marketing meant there was a perfect opportunity for us to close the loop; customers want to try new things in cool places, bars want you to discover and experience them, and alcohol brands want you to try their products – so we let you try their drinks in our bars for free.

Q2. What developments are you working on for the future of Drinki?

Our biggest focus at the moment is working on improving the experience in the venue. We want our bartenders to be our biggest advocates, so we’re looking into how we can reward the best service. We’re facing a lot of technical blockers here, so we’re working hard to find a clean, user friendly way of doing this.

Q3. Are there any other digital / online factors that you think could change or disrupt the bar and restaurant industry?

The regulations around advertising alcohol are getting tighter and tighter, which is definitely putting up barriers around the bar and alcohol industry. However, geolocation and personalised targeting services are going to revolutionise marketing in the bar and restaurant industries. The more comfortable people feel with companies knowing where you are and what you want at certain times, the easier it will be to tailor recommendations to you and get a great cocktail in your hand at your new favourite bar.

Click here to download Drinki for free on iOS or Android right now. It’s certainly a must have app for all socialites.