App of the Month #2: Flightsayer

App of the Month #2: Flightsayer

Ryanair, Europe’s largest budget airline, hasn’t been very popular this Autumn. Just under 750,000 people have had their holidays change drastically as 20,000 flights were cancelled due to problems with Ryanair’s pilots’ rosters.

While it is arguably simple to account for pilots’ annual leave when organising flight plans, what about more arbitrary factors such as weather and human behavior? It turns out Flightsayer has the answer.

Flightsayer is an application that predicts flight delays and disruptions, and alerts travelers  before they actually happen. This app is valuable for everybody from frequent flyers to ad-hoc roamers. Features include search by flight or route of delay predictions, push notifications about delays in real-time, and even alternative flight recommendations.

The system works by balancing data and machine learning. Working in North America and Europe they analyse weather, airline information in real-time, FAA airspace data, fight and taxi times between airports and all airport schedules. Using all this information the app can then work out unique patterns and instantly tell you the likelihood of a flight being delayed. It classifies this using a number based system representing how likely a flight will be delayed from 1 to 10 and a colour code from green to amber to red.

With the Civil Aviation Authority finding that only 66% of arrivals on Britain’s biggest budget airlines were ‘on time’, apps like Flightsayer will become integral to the lives of modern travelers. To understand more about how this app is solving consumer pain points, we spoke to Emily Sullivan who works in Customer Engagement at Flightsayer.

Q1. What was the inspiration behind the development of this application?
Our co-founder has spent a lot of time travelling for work, with a background in consulting. Before every trip he’d spend some time looking at a number of data sources to get a better picture of his flight’s health – the likelihood of delay or cancellation caused not only by weather conditions, but also by runway constraints, airline crew staffing, etc. Eventually he thought it might be worth building a tool that did this intelligently on his behalf – and that it might also benefit other travelers, travel management companies, corporations, and even airlines themselves.
Q2. What developments are you working on for the future of the application?
You’ll note that currently [Flightsayer] is only able to provide its delay predictions on flights within the US, Canada, and Europe. We provide real-time data on flights internationally, and will soon be providing delay predictions on flights worldwide. Beyond the app, we’re also developing a product targeted at airlines and a dashboard for managed travel services and providers.
Q3. What other disruptive influences do you think could change the aviation industry?
A shift to a passenger-centric mindset through the seamless integration of air travel with other modes of transportation (rail and ground) will enable true door-to-door mobility, improve flexibility and reliability, and ultimately even stimulate demand by improving the passenger experience.

Flightsayer is available on iOS for free download now and will be available on android soon. We can’t wait to see what future updates come from this must have app.