5 Ways to Cultivate an Innovation-Driven Working Culture

5 Ways to Cultivate an Innovation-Driven Working Culture

Traditional legacy businesses are often told to ‘innovate or die’. But with little or no guidance on what ‘innovation’ actually is and means to the consumer of today. What does it mean to be truly innovative in today’s digital world?

Brands like Sephora, Oatly and Patagonia are reinventing what it means to be an innovative company. By embracing a customer-centric business model, these companies are adding new layers to the brand experience. This could be pioneering new technology to enhance the customer journey or adapting their products to new consumer trends.

All three brands were recently named in Brand Keys annual ‘Most Innovative Tech Brands survey’. Their commitment to constant innovation and pushing their brand and products forward should be an inspiration to any business. Regardless if they’re B2B or B2C.

To start your journey towards creating a more innovative-focused company, you must look internally.

Companies like Patagonia are able to build successful innovation strategies because of their efforts to create a positive working environment. With the right framework and tactics, you will be able to create a culture of innovation in your business. Inspiring your employees to bring more ideas to the table.

This is something we as an agency take very seriously when working on projects. For example, with TUI we used an agile model to help stimulate our team to explore various concepts to enable the client to connect with a digital-first audience. Through our research and brainstorming we identified an opportunity to create the first branded travel and leisure Smart TV app. Our mentality throughout the project was ‘no idea is a bad idea’ – encouraging both teams to be experimental and risk-free in their thinking.

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We have outlined 5 techniques for stimulating workforces and creating a more innovation-focused environment in our guide: 5 Ways to Cultivate an Innovation-Driven Working Culture.

By downloading this document, you can discover sure ways to drive employees to bring more forward-thinking, inspiration ideas to the table.